Inland Children’s Chorus on YouTube

Well I’m working my way down the Google search of my own name and found that a user named treblechoir99 has uploaded a video comprised of the audio from the records that Lee ripped (see previous post), still photos of the Chorus and various Biblical images. This text was posted with the video:

From the excellent Dayton (Ohio) Philharmonic Orchestra website: “One of Daytons greatest by-products of industry, the Inland Childrens Chorus, joined the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra in December of 1937. The 100-voice chorus, directed by Richard Westbrock, was founded and maintained by the Inland Manufacturing Division of General Motors for the children of its employees. This special concert began a tradition that kicked off Daytons holiday season for almost 20 years. Many long-time patrons still recall the traditional long blue dresses worn by the girls and the boys Eton-style jackets.”

Below are the first two parts.

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