Say hello to Milo, our newest adoption

Yes, we only went two months with Saratoga before adopting our second dog. Milo is a tiny Chihuahua mix (maybe with Dachshund). He is about three years old and we chose him at Rancho Coastal Humane Society on Saturday about an hour after he was dropped off. A lady in Victorville takes in rescue dogs, spends a couple of weeks trying to get them back to their owners and then takes them to shelters. She dropped off Milo yesterday morning with two other little guys and all three got adopted the same day.

Below are two pictures from today, find the rest here.

Milo and Holly at Oceanside dog park. They have a nice wooden wheelbarrow with pumpkins for the fall.
Milo and Holly at the Oceanside dog park

Milo on Rick’s lap, laying on the floor at home. For scale that’s my left hand with thumb and half of my forefinger on the left side of the picture.
Milo on Rick's lap laying on the floor

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