Saratoga: one year later

I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year since Saratoga’s crippling spinal cord injury. She is getting around so well now it’s amazing. She runs as much as we’ll let her (although the faster she goes the more her back toes scrape the ground). She can go up a curb with no problem and is even trying to jump up on the couch by herself now. She wrestles around the house with Milo just like before, the main thing is that she can’t go up the stairs on her own.

Yes, I specifically said up the stairs. She has no problem at all barreling down the stairs if she hears something in the back yard. So far no ill effects and she doesn’t do it very often (thankfully). I’ll have to find some good recent photos to post of her. We’re probably going to take all three kids to the dog beach in Del Mar on Sunday, it will be the first time since she got hurt.

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