Our sweet Saratoga is in the hospital

Our sweet little Saratoga (who is only about five years old) has been in the hospital for five days now with a spinal cord injury. She had premature calcification of her backbone and something caused multiple discs to herniate and damage the spinal cord. The news was grim and we ended up driving an hour away to get an MRI the second day and the results from that were so bad that the next day we decided that the kindest thing for her would be to let her go to a better place. She had no feeling in her back legs and no bladder or bowel control.

We went to say good-bye yesterday and it turns out that we missed a phone message from the surgeon saying that she had improved dramatically since we had last talked. She had regained her deep pain sensation in her back legs which we were told was a night & day improvement so she actually stands a chance of walking normally again. She will stay at the hospital a few more days for observation so they can (hopefully) watch her get better day by day.

We miss you Sara and need you to come home soon. Keep fighting girl, you can do it.

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