Agility training with the kids

And of course by “kids” I mean our dogs Saratoga, Milo and Jackson. We bought a nice hurdle and a collapsible tunnel at Toys R Us (of all places) a few weeks ago. We started them off with the bar low and have been raising it each time we take it out. We did just the jump the first time and then added the tunnel the second time out. The blue tunnel actually comes with a ten foot long yellow chute like you see on the TV shows of agility competitions but we figured that would be a bit much for them the first time out. Next time maybe we’ll add that but roll it back somehow so that they don’t have to go through the entire length. Pictures from our first time out with both obstacles are in this new album.

Milo on the hurdle & in the tunnel
Milo on the hurdle Milo in the tunnel

Jackson jumping from almost a standstill & Saratoga caught mid-flight
Jackson jumping Sara caught mid-flight

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